Presentation of FORD TRUCKS new models in Georgia!

The presentation of new model line-up of Ford Trucks in Tbilisi, Georgia (May 21, 2016)The presentation of new model line-up of Ford Trucks was held at Expo Georgia exhibition center in Tbilisi, Georgia at May 20th, 2016.

The new models from Ford Trucks has been presented by GT Group LTD, the official distributor of Ford Trucks in Georgia, by the representatives of Ford Otosan and the speaker of HAD Academy Georgia.

Guests, interested with Ford Trucks presentation have been acquainted with the new models of Ford Trucks and new technologies, applied to the new line-up.

At the presentation the official video if Ford Trucks has been aired, and the brochures and infomercials, with technical specs of new trucks have also been handed to participants of the presentation.

At the end, the representatives of GT Group (Mr. Levan Gogsadze, General Director), Ford Otosan (Mr. Can Tekin and Mr. Burak Yatmazoglu) and HED Academy (Mr. Cankat Hurmoglu) have answered the questions from the audience.

Mr. Levan Gogsadze, the General Director of GT Group presented to guests and interested participants the new model of Ford Trucks, from construction series. By his words, Ford Otosan has launched the manufacturing of new model vehicles in all truck segments. “Currently, we are participating in Construction Exhibition at Expo Georgia, with Ford Otosan, which is the one of the major manufacturers of trucks. In 2016 Ford Otosan has started the manufacturing of the new line-up of trucks for long haulage, construction, municipal infrastructure and international transportation purposes. That is why, we, with our partners and colleagues, have decided to hold the presentation of the whole model line-up and inform you about the technological novelties and breakthroughs, that are integrated into these models”, said Mr. Gogsadze. By his words, all types of trucks, manufactured by Ford Otosan, are available for sales in Georgia – tippers, telescopic cranes, communcal vehicles, tractors and other. According the information from Levan Gogsadze, GT Group has already ordered 12 new vehicles to manufacturer. He has also mentioned that the sales of older models have been stopped.

Mr. Gogsadze has spoken about the technical features of the new models: ”many technical and technological improvements are already in place. The improvements have been implemented in engines, transmission system, vehicle frame, suspension system, etc. We hope that new model line-up will result in increased interest from our customers”, said General Director of GT Group. By his word, GT Group is an official distributor of Ford’s heavy vehicles in Georgia since 2006. “During these years we have sold hundreds of Ford Trucks vehicles in Georgia. We are running a very well organized scheme for vehicle service and spare parts supply. We service Ford Trucks all over Georgia through our service facilities, and via our mobile service in the field.  Service support, along with the quality of Ford vehicles, has earned popularity to this brand in Georgia”.

The guests invited to the presentation event have received small memorable gifts, from Ford Trucks and at the closing, the buffet-lunch has been served to all participants of the event.

More than 70 participants from local and international transportation, construction, municipal, distribution and logistics businesses, and the representatives of media, have attended the Ford Trucks presentation, at Expo Georgia event hall.

 Prepared GT GROUP LTD