Our company,  GT Group ltd. has started its business in 1999, as a group of smaller companies and in 2005 it had been organized as a holding company GT Group LTD.

  The head office of GT Group is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The branch offices of GT Group are opened in Kutaisi and Batumi. 

Currently, GT Group works mostly on Georgian market, and have trade and distribution operations in Armenia and Turkmenistan. The major fields of activity of GT Group are the following:

  • Import, export and servicing of passenger cars, light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, buses, municipal equipment and machinery, agricultural and construction machinery, snowmobiles and ATVs,  and some special machinery and equipment;  
  • Importation and sales of oils and lubricants,
  • Car servicing equipment,
  • Installation and servicing of refrigeration equipment on commercial vehicles;
  • Importation and sales of construction materials,
  • Importation and sales of food products,
  • Importation and servicing of special materials, equipment and machinery for landfills;
  • Importation and servicing of machinery for wine industry, special materials for the wine industry.

Each field of activity is managed by the separate management that is accountable to the Board of Directors. Supervisory Board oversees the general activities of the holding company.

In 2005, “Europroduct” ltd. had joined the holding (GT Group). “Europroduct” ltd (see the link: europroduct.ge ) imports high quality food products from EU and represents some well-known European brands as, Valio, Arla, Bayernland, Frico, others. Today, “Europroduct” ltd is operating five supermarkets in Tbilisi and Batumi, under brand name – Europroduct. Produce, imported by “Europroduct” is highly competitive and currently, the company is a leader on Georgian dairy market.

In 2007, a new company, GT Motors ltd. is joining the holding. GT Motors ltd. exclusively represents some leading automotive brands, as Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar and Suzuki, in Georgia. GT Motors imports the passenger cars from manufacturers, to Georgian and provides customers with full technical and warranty services.

In 2009, GT Group has started the importation of construction and insulation materials. These produce includes the various types of roofing and insulation materials and decoration stones. GT Groups offers the market the brands from renowned European manufacturers, namely, the insulation materials and high density polyethylene (HDPE) from GSE LEANING TECHNILOGIES, insulation textiles from AKELIAF, and roofing materials, shingles, solar and metallic tiles of various types, from TEGOLA CANADESE. All these activities are performed by the compnay Kolkhi Jgupi LTD, which is also owned by the GT Group LTD.

In 2015, GT Group forms a Georgian-Italian joint Venture (JV), GT Enologica, a company dedicated to the imports, sales and servicing of special machinery and equipment for the wine industry.

Since the day of its foundation, GT Group is permanently expanding its area of business. Year to year, GT Group is increasing the number of brands, it represents in Georgia exclusively and the list of products and services, it offers to Georgian market. Correspondingly, the company is increasing its clientele and the number of private or public customers, served by GT Group.

GT Group has a long list of awards and recognitions for business-doing and philanthropy.  From 2005 to present, GT Group has been awarded with tax payer awards, as a large-scale importer of oils and lubricants.                                                       

The secret of success of GT Group is related to company’s relentless work and its constant search for innovation and customer satisfaction.

From the Management:

From the beginning until today, we are one team!

Daughter companies: